"Why Buy New When Used Will Do?"
STRIDE Assistance for the Disabled
Registered Charitable Business No. 11920 0632 RR000I


STRIDE Wheelchairs Plus Recycling Depot is a project undertaken by STRIDE Assistance for the Disabled, Inc., a registered, non-profit, charitable organization which operates soley by a dedicated TEAM of volunteers consisting of retired Engineers, former Health Care Professionals, persons with disabiliities, family members of a person with a disability, etc.

Why Buy New When Used Will Do?

“The premise for sales/rentals from STRIDE is that ALL equipment must be:

For Safety and Suitability

We rely on the input from referring Occupational and Physiotherapists for the correct measurements and specifications for equipment as such factors require the expertise of these professionals.  For example, purchasing a wheelchair for daily use is like buying a pair of shoes…. it must ‘fit’ the user.

Equipment donated to STRIDE Wheelchairs Plus goes through a rigorous refurbishment process which includes disassembly, close examination of individual parts to check for cracks, replacement/repair of parts as needed, and cleaning, the final step of which is with high-pressure  steam.  Before re-assembly, touch-up painting, as necessary, is done to restore the item to its best possible appearance.

A 90-day warranty is also applicable to each item sold. We service all equipment that we sell/rent within the Ottawa area unless the item is delivered to us.


We make every attempt to accommodate each individual’s specific circumstances.  To this end, we  provide a budget-friendly, interest-free, monthly payment plan for purchases.

When equipment is rented, the individual has up to four months to decide whether or not to purchase the item or continue to rent it.  If the decision is to purchase, then the four months of rental paid is applied to the purchase price.

If the decision is to continue to rent, then the user becomes responsible for the maintenance of the item which includes all aspects of normal use, e.g. for mobility aids this would be tires, batteries, brakes, etc.

Payment for all equipment, repairs etc is by cash, cheque, or money order.

Whether the order is large or small, easy or hard, the question at the end of the final inspection always remains “would you give it to your own mother”? 

If an item comes in as a donation and we feel it would not meet our high safety standards then it will be dismantled and only good parts saved with the rest taken to the scrap yard where we can properly dispose of it.

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