Manual Wheelchairs (manual tilt)

Please note we require our Manual Wheelchair Request Form to be completed by an Occupational Therapist

Brands (common):

  • Concept 45
  • Quickie
  • AMS
  • T-Fuse 20 and or 50

The following information is required from your Occupational Therapist and is required prior to booking an appointment:

  • 1st and 2nd brand choice of chair;
  • Seat width (cushion from side to side);
  • Seat Depth (cushion from front to back);
  • Seat height (floor to seat pan and floor to top of cushion);
  • Type of back along with the width and height; (1st and 2nd brand choices)
  • Head rest
  • Type of seat and thickness; (1st and 2nd brand choices)
  • Size of wheels,  size of front casters;
  • Type of leg rests;
  • With or without calf pad;
  • Type of seat belt;

Please note there is an additional fee for the following:

  • Certain cushions and or backs
  • Padded tray;
  • Delivery;

Please note:

  • Monthly, interest-free payment plans are available.


Manual Wheelchairs


Please Note That Appointments Are Required

*Deposit is required for this item and will be applied to the cost of the chair*

We carry a variety of manual wheelchairs including;

Transport wheelchairs 

  • These chairs tend to have 4 x 8″ solid wheels
  • Nylon back and seat upholstery
  • Non removable arms
  • There is an additional charge for removable arms, 12″ rear wheels with companion brakes, combo transport wheelchairs which have removable 24″ wheels

Basic Emergency Room Wheelchair;

  • Vinyl seat and back, non removable arms and standard leg rests (non elevating)
  • An extra fee is charged if this chair has removable arms and or elevating leg rests

The following information is required for all other manual wheelchairs.

  • First and second choices of wheelchairs (Cat 2 or 3 and names ie Quickie, Litestream, Hellio etc)
  • Seat width (seat rail to rail & between the armrests);
  • Seat height (floor to seat rails and finished height);
  • Seat depth (front to back) (please include dump);
  • Type of leg rests – (standard, hemi or semi-height, and 1st and 2nd choice of hanger degree)
  • Height of canes (handles);
  • Rear wheel (size, rim type, hand rim type) Please let us know if size or type are important
  • Front caster wheel size (size, type and rim type)

Back and Cushions

First and second choice of back types

  • (example – Tension adjustable, FM Basic etc)
  • Height of back from seat;

First and second choice of cushion;

  • (examples – Prism Supreme II, Jay Solution, High or Low Profile ROHO etc…)

Other important information needed

  • We will need to know if a formal quote is required
  • If delivery is required
  • If client can come into the Depot to try the chair

Please note that we DO NOT rent, loan or provide equipment on a trial basis

Please contact STRIDE for price and availability

Why Do I Need To Pay For Equipment Which Was Donated To You

Yes it is true that all equipment has been donated, however STRIDE must cover the normal expenses of running a business such as rent, insurance, tools and other supplies, van expenses, office expenses such as phone, computer, internet, and much more.

STRIDE manages to keep their cost low by using only volunteers and by salvaging parts from equipment which has seen better days.  Unfortunately there are times when new parts must be ordered such as a basket for a walker which arrived without one.

Why Do I Need An Appointment?

STRIDE Wheelchairs Plus is operated by a dedicated team of volunteers, and like many other organization who work with volunteers there are times when we find ourselves short of help.

Many of the clients visiting STRIDE are in crisis, some with a family member who is critically ill, some with a family member who is being discharged from the hospital and who find themselves scrambling for equipment, and many who are in financial need.  Appointments helps to allow our voluntters to provide our clients with individual attention.

From the East

  • West Hunt Club Rd. to Merivale Rd.
  • Left on Merivale Rd to Slack Rd. (last set of lights before the train tracks)
  • Right on Slack Rd.
  • Slack Rd. to Grenfell Cres. (this will be your first left)
  • Left on Grenfell Cres. to #43 Bay 6 (watch for the 2nd OC Transpo bus stop on your left. #43 is across from this stop.

From the West

  • West Hunt Club Rd. to Woodroffe Ave.
  • South on Woodroffe to Slack Rd. (south of the Nepean Sportsplex)
  • Left on Slack Rd. to Grenfell Cres. (last street on your right before Merivale Rd.)
  • Right on Grenfell Cres. to # 43 Bay 6 (watch for the 2nd OC Transpo bus stop on the left. #43 is across from this stop).