Manual Wheelchairs


Please Note That Appointments Are Required

*Deposit is required for this item and will be applied to the cost of the chair*

We carry a variety of manual wheelchairs including;

Transport wheelchairs 

  • These chairs tend to have 4 x 8″ solid wheels
  • Nylon back and seat upholstery
  • Non removable arms
  • There is an additional charge for removable arms, 12″ rear wheels with companion brakes, combo transport wheelchairs which have removable 24″ wheels

Basic Emergency Room Wheelchair;

  • Vinyl seat and back, non removable arms and standard leg rests (non elevating)
  • An extra fee is charged if this chair has removable arms and or elevating leg rests

The following information is required for all other manual wheelchairs.

  • First and second choices of wheelchairs (Cat 2 or 3 and names ie Quickie, Litestream, Hellio etc)
  • Seat width (seat rail to rail & between the armrests);
  • Seat height (floor to seat rails and finished height);
  • Seat depth (front to back) (please include dump);
  • Type of leg rests – (standard, hemi or semi-height, and 1st and 2nd choice of hanger degree)
  • Height of canes (handles);
  • Rear wheel (size, rim type, hand rim type) Please let us know if size or type are important
  • Front caster wheel size (size, type and rim type)

Back and Cushions

First and second choice of back types

  • (example – Tension adjustable, FM Basic etc)
  • Height of back from seat;

First and second choice of cushion;

  • (examples – Prism Supreme II, Jay Solution, High or Low Profile ROHO etc…)

Other important information needed

  • We will need to know if a formal quote is required
  • If delivery is required
  • If client can come into the Depot to try the chair

Please note that we DO NOT rent, loan or provide equipment on a trial basis

Please contact STRIDE for price and availability

Equipment Donations

Appointments are required

At STRIDE Wheelchairs Plus, all equipment is donated to us. We DO NOT buy equipment nor do we sell equipment on consignment.  Official tax receipts are provided upon request.

*** NEW*** STRIDE Wheelchairs Plus provides a pick up service for donations, however due to increased vehicle expenses, we have had to implement a cost recovery fee of $10.00 to provide this service. Unfortunately, we are not able to pick up in the rural areas!

Please feel free to view the types of equipment which we accept. Please note that due to space limitations some items may have to be added to a waiting list. If we cannot take the item we maybe able to refer you elsewhere.

Mobility: Please note equipment must be in excellent condition – wheelchairs and scooters must be less than 3 yrs of age. 

  • Standard folding walkers (these walkers do not have seats)
  • Nexus type – Indoor or Outdoor 
  • Manual folding wheelchairs
  • Manual tilting wheelchairs (non folding)
  • Scooters: 3 and 4 wheel 
  • Power wheelchairs 
  • Seats / cushions (Gel, foam, ROHO, etc)
  • Wheelchair backs
  • Gel pads

Bedroom Equipment:

  • Electric spring base hospital beds (single beds only)
  • Pressure Relief Mattresses (foam, gel, alternating air)
  • Bed helpers , side railings


  • Bath seats, bath chairs
  • Bath transfer benches (padded and non-padded)
  • Clamp on grab bars for the bathtub (plastic / metal)
  • Bath lifts (battery operated only)
  • Commodes (with or without wheels)
  • Raised toilet seats with handles only
  • Versa Frames


  • Safety Poles
  • Electric Patient Lifts with slings
  • Fall Mats with alarm
  • Pivot Discs
  • Wooden or plastic transfer boards


  • Auto Lift Chairs
  • Reachers
  • Sock aids
  • Incontinent pads

If you have something that is not on the list please check with us to see if we can take it.

We do not accept but we may be able to refer you:

  • Pan base electric hospital beds (these beds have flat surface under the mattress) 
  • Regular electric beds (type seen advertised on TV)
  • Ceiling track lifts
  • Stair lifts / glides
  • Vehicles
  • Bruno Lifts

If you would like to donate an item please send photos of the items to