Manual Wheelchairs (manual tilt)

Please note we require our Manual Wheelchair Request Form to be completed by an Occupational Therapist

Brands (common):

  • Concept 45
  • Quickie
  • AMS
  • T-Fuse 20 and or 50

The following information is required from your Occupational Therapist and is required prior to booking an appointment:

  • 1st and 2nd brand choice of chair;
  • Seat width (cushion from side to side);
  • Seat Depth (cushion from front to back);
  • Seat height (floor to seat pan and floor to top of cushion);
  • Type of back along with the width and height; (1st and 2nd brand choices)
  • Head rest
  • Type of seat and thickness; (1st and 2nd brand choices)
  • Size of wheels,  size of front casters;
  • Type of leg rests;
  • With or without calf pad;
  • Type of seat belt;

Please note there is an additional fee for the following:

  • Certain cushions and or backs
  • Padded tray;
  • Delivery;

Please note:

  • Monthly, interest-free payment plans are available.