Equipment Service

Appointments are required as we only have certain volunteers qualified to work on certain items and we will need to know that they are available to work on your equipment.

In the majority of situations the equipment will have to be repaired at the Depot where we have the proper tools available.

Our labor rates are $25. per hour (subject to change)

We provide a pick up and delivery service, however we do our pick ups on Thursday’s meaning that you will be without your equipment for at least one full week. Our pick up and delivery fee is $25.00 one way or $40.00 for a two way trip. (fees are subject to change)

If you are a Para Transpo user we would recommend where possible to bring your equipment in by para which would save you on the pick up and delivery fee as well we may be able to get the equipment back to you sooner

Please note that our payment method is by cash or cheque only.

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