How Is STRIDE Funded?

STRIDE is funded through the sales of refurbished equipment and through financial donations from clients.

We have also received financial grants from;

  • The Community Foundation of Ottawa
  • The Trillium Foundation


Why Do I Need To Pay For Equipment Which Was Donated To You

Yes it is true that all equipment has been donated, however STRIDE must cover the normal expenses of running a business such as rent, insurance, tools and other supplies, van expenses, office expenses such as phone, computer, internet, and much more.

STRIDE manages to keep their cost low by using only volunteers and by salvaging parts from equipment which has seen better days.  Unfortunately there are times when new parts must be ordered such as a basket for a walker which arrived without one.

I Have A Wheelchair I Would Like To Donate! Will You Pick It Up?

STRIDE Wheelchairs Plus will pick up equipment donations within the City of Ottawa for a small fee, however due to the lack of space we may have to ask you to hold onto certain types of wheelchairs until we can accommodate them.

Please feel free to contact us and we will let you know if we can accept your donation at this time.

Why Do I Need An Appointment?

STRIDE Wheelchairs Plus is operated by a dedicated team of volunteers, and like many other organization who work with volunteers there are times when we find ourselves short of help.

Many of the clients visiting STRIDE are in crisis, some with a family member who is critically ill, some with a family member who is being discharged from the hospital and who find themselves scrambling for equipment, and many who are in financial need.  Appointments helps to allow our voluntters to provide our clients with individual attention.

Does STRIDE Wheelchairs Plus Buy Or Sell Equipment On Consignment ?

No!  All equipment is donated to STRIDE.  An offical income tax receipt may be provided upon request.