Manual Wheelchairs

Appointments are required

As all of our equipment is donated to us, we may not have what you are looking for and may have to add you to our waiting list.

An Occupational Therapist or Physio Therapist Assessment is required for the chairs listed below.

Transport chairs

  • (Type 1) Lightweight with non-removable arms, removable leg rests and (4) 8″ solid wheels
  • (Type 2) Lightweight with removable arms and leg rests and (4) 8″ solid wheels
  • (Type 3) Lightweight with removable arms, leg rests, (2) 8″ solid wheels in the front and (2) 12″ solid rear tires. Includes companion brakes

Basic manual wheelchair

  • Commonly found in hospital emergency rooms
  • (Type 1) – vinyl back and seat, has fixed arms (non removable) and standard removable leg rest. There are no anti-tippers.
  • (Type 2) – vinyl back and seatĀ has removable arm rests and standard leg rests. There are no anti-tippers.
  • Elevating leg rests maybe available for an additional fee.

Category #2 manual wheelchair – minimal adjustments

  • Breezy 600, Patriot, 9000XT, Elite etc
  • Includes frame, removable arm rests and leg rests, standard flip up foot plates with heel loops, anti-tippers, seat belt
  • May include removable back and cushion (extra cost)

Category #3 manual wheelchair – some adjustments (mid price)

  • Quickie 2, Litestream XF, MVP, Invacare ProX45, Move, Catalist
  • Includes frame, removable arm rests and leg rests, metal angle adjustable flip up foot plates with heel loops, quick release wheels

Category #3 Lightweight (carbon fiber) higher priced

  • Hellio C2, – this chair has the same type of adjustments as the Quickie and other chairs in that group. The Helio C2 is a carbon fiber and is a lighter chair for lifting and pushing

The price for the above chairs is for the frame only. Cushions and backs are extra,

Category #5 Manual Tilt Wheelchairs

  • Non folding manual tilt wheelchair
  • Examples include; Concept 45, Orion, Quickie SR46, Solara, Fuse T20 / Fuse T50
  • Includes Prism Basic Back and Prism Supreme II cushion, head rest, calf pad and seat belt.
  • Full or half tray (extra fee)

Please note that the difference in price is charged when a different back or cushion is required.

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